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In case you need more informations about my skills and competencies,
here it is my Curriculum Vitae.

After briefly explaining my university studies it goes through my working experience carefully describing my current position as network and system administrator of a (quite big?) LAN/WAN infrastructure in an Italian university, as well as my previous experience in a European-wide ISP (it was the time of the "Internet bubble" back in 2000) and in CINECA, the biggest computing center in Italy.
The resume also reports some new "non-technical" role that currently (2010) I'm still playing in a project funded by the Italian Ministry of Universities and in another national-wide initiative involving all the Italian Universities.

It also reports something I wrote some years ago about my technical skills. It's quite an "ancient" list but... it should be enough to give a rough idea about my techy side ;-)

In case you need more information, feel free to drop me an e-mail: I'll do my best in order to give you an answer.

Again, here is the C.V. and... thank you for giving it a look.


"..science is, after all, an Open Source enterprise..."
In the introduction of OpenSources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution

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August, 14th 2010