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Sometime I'm so lucky to find suitable time to have some good readings (....well, at least for me, they are good readings).
During last 10 years, I have to admit that I read only technical books, few technical books. Anyway, while I was working in two very challenging companies, my knowledge about internet technologies grew steadly and... that's why I started searching for some technical books.
Massimo, one of my ex collegues, suggested me three books and.... I will never be able to thanks Massimo enough for such suggestion: they are three very interesting books that everyone interested in TCP/IP networking and security should take a look (that's why they are the first three in the following table ;-)
I also read some other lighter books and also someting related to programming

Category Title Editor
Security Building Internet Firewall O-Reilly
Security Network Intrusion Detection  
Security Hacking Exposed - 2nd edition  
OpenSource OpenSources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution O-Reilly
Programming Learning the Bash Shell O-Reilly
Programming Perl Programming O-Reilly
Programming Advanced Perl Programming O-Reilly

I hope to find some minutes to write some short comments about above books. In the meantime, if you need more informations about them, feel free to drop me an e-mail

A final note: although 7 books are less that one book per year, I want to stress the concept that my favorite source of update is the internet: I follow several news-site and, thanks to the magic of their RSS feed, I'm able to catch their news as soon as they are launched. The amount of articles read is at least one per day and... that's why I dedicated to such readings a whole section of my web site.



"..science is, after all, an Open Source enterprise..."
In the introduction of OpenSources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution

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June, 21th 2003