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One of my worst photo ;-)...and so, finally, you landed here.

Here I am! On the left you can appreciate one of my "best" photos but... OK, as I perfectly know that your time is the most important resource you have, I'll shortly present the sections of this site in order, for you, to quickly understand if this visit is worth the effort or... if it's better to go somewhere else.
On the left you can see the main navigation bar. It links sections below.

Readings section, last update on:
31/03/2009 18:30:55

16/08/2008 - NOVITÀ!
On-line la terza versione degli Appunti di Office Automation. 43 pagine A4 a disposizione di tutti relative a tabulatori, stili, indici automatici, riferimenti relativi/assoluti, SPAM, phishing.

if you need more information about me, feel free to give a look at my Curriculum Vitae. It's available in PDF format and, more or less, it's 4 A4 pages long;
I spend my time, apart from working, doing several things. First of all, I'm an activist of the FreeSoftware and OpenSourceSoftware technologies and, as such, I spend some time doing "healty dissemination" of such topics;
I spend lot of time reading articles around the web. I think that some of such articles could be appreciated by other people so... I decided to put down a lists of the "best readings";

although I spend lot of time surfing and e-mailing, I also read some books (unfortunatly, not so much!). In this section you'll find my preferred ones;

I try to keep aligned with internet technologies and, as such, I try to understand and analyze several technical aspects of the internet. In this section I tried to organize such content;
I'm a Linux user since 1996. Since 1999 I use _only_ linux (with only one exception);
I spent some time writing a couple of articles and, also, some presentations about Linux, about the FS/OSS and other topics;



"..science is, after all, an open source enterprise..."
In the introduction of OpenSources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution

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